Before you arrive:

Prior to your arrival at the Student Village you need to ensure that the following steps have been completed:

  • An application has been submitted via our website (click here) or at our office
  • Documentation from your education provider confirming your current study status or if you are a staff member of the USQ or TAFE, documentation confirming your employment
  • Your holding deposit has been paid in full and you have received confirmation of your accommodation via e-mail
  • The Student Village has been advised of your anticipated arrival date and time at least one week prior to arrival

What you need to bring

All you need to bring are your personal belongings, bedding & linen.

Upon arrival

Upon arrival at the Student Village, you will be requested to:

  • Pay two weeks rental in advance
  • Sign a rooming accommodation agreement (lease)
  • Sign a bond lodgement form, if applicable 
  • Take a condition report for your allocated room to complete and return back to our office within 3 days


Once all of the above has occurred you will then be issued with your room key. 


Arrivals should be scheduled during office hours (Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm). If you are unable to arrange your arrival during office hours (due to international flights etc), please request an out of hours arrival prior to your arrival at the Student Village. 



  • Advise the Student Village office staff of your departure date and time (Please note that after hours inspections are by appointment only. After hours departures without pre-arranged appointments may incur a charge of $50)
  • Ensure your room/unit is clean and all personal belongings are removed
  • Locate your Condition Report
  • Locate your Bond Receipt
  • Arrange for your carpets to be cleaned to a professional standard
  • Arrange transfer of internet/phone service (if required)
  • Phone/Visit the Student Village office to arrange a departure inspection 
  • Complete the Departure checklist and have available for the departure inspection CLICK HERE FOR THE DEPARTURE CHECKLIST
  • Be present for your departure inspection (if possible)
  • Finalise any outstanding matters (excess cleaning charges will be applied for units and rooms left in an unacceptable condition)
  • Complete a Bond Refund (RTA Form 4). Your bank account details are required.If required, arrange for your mail to be redirected by Australia Post
  • Ensure doors of your room/unit are locked, lights and appliances not in use are turned off
  • Return keys to the office
  • Finalise your account